What Do the Letters Mean?

It’s been our habit for several years to publish the degree an alumnus holds — in the form of a short abbreviation — right after his or her name in our publications. We use the abbreviations everywhere — in Florida, our alumni magazine; UF Today, our alumni association magazine; GatorNews, our e-newsletter; and this website, to name a few places.

The problem is, it has come to our attention that not everybody knows what the abbreviations mean.

Much of the code is pretty easy to crack. If it starts with a B, for instance, then it’s a bachelor’s degree. An M is therefore a master’s degree. And easiest of all is a PhD — if a person gets a doctorate, that pretty much says it all.

What gets harder is all the letters that come after that first one. Sure, BA and BS are pretty self explanatory — bachelors degrees of arts and sciences, respectively — but what in the world is BBC? The initials may invoke thoughts of British television, but in actuality it’s a bachelor’s in building construction — which is the past was also listed as BSBC. Likewise, MARCH is not a command being bellowed by a drill sergeant, but rather a master’s in architecture. And MARCH is equal to MAARC, which was the designation for a master’s in architecture more than 30 years ago.

And then there are the abbreviations that break the rules, following their own pattern. Many law degrees, especially, seem to fall into that category.

The alphabetical list below is hardly comprehensive, although it does represent many of the degrees listings we have published in the magazines over the years. If you come across an abbreviation we’ve failed to list, let us know at Florida@uff.ufl.edu and we’ll be glad to add the definition.

A | B | D | E | F | H | J | L | M | P


AA — associate of arts
AUD — audiology


(generally bachelor’s degrees)

BA — bachelor of arts
BAART — fine arts
BABA — business administration
BAE — education
BAJ — journalism
BARCH — architecture
BBC — building construction
BDES — design
BES — environmental engineering science
BHS — health science
BLAE — landscape architecture
BME — mechanical engineering
BMUSE — music education
BS — bachelor of science
BSA — agriculture and life sciences
BSAC —accounting
BSADV — advertising
BSAPK — applied physiology and kinesiology
BSBA — business administration
BSBC — building construction
BSBR — broadcast journalism
BSCE — civil engineering
BSCEN — computer engineering
BSCHE — chemical engineering
BSCOM — journalism and communications
BSEE — electrical engineering
BSEN — environmental engineering science
BSESS — exercise and sport science
BSF — forest resources and conservation
BSGEM — geomatics
BSHED — health, education and behavior
BSHSE — health science education
BSISE — industrial and systems engineering
BSJ — journalism
BSMD — medicine
BSME — mechanical engineering
BSN — nursing
BSNE — nuclear engineering
BSNRE — environmental science
BSP — Pharmacy
BSPE — physical education
BSPR — public relations
BSR — recreation
BSSE — systems engineering
BSTEL — telecommunication


(generally doctorates)

DEd — doctor of education
DMD — doctor of dentistry
DPH — doctor of pharmacy
DVM — doctor of veterinary medicine



EDS — specialist in education



FABA — bachelor’s in fine arts



HS — house staff; used to denote medical residency at Shands Hospital


JD — juris doctorate (law)


(generally law degrees)

LLB — bachelor of law
LLMT — taxation


(generally master’s degrees)

MAARC — architecture
MACC — accounting
MAG — agriculture and life sciences
MAJC — journalism and communications
MAMC — mass communications
MARCH — architecture
MAURP — urban and regional planning
MBA — business administration
MBC — building construction
ME — mechanical engineering
MEd — education
MESS — exercise and sport sciences
MFA — fine arts
MHA — hospital administration
MHS — health service administration
MNSG — nursing
MPAS — physician’s assistant
MPH — public health
MSE — engineering
MSNSG — nursing
MSP — pharmacy



PhD — doctorate of philosophy (also know as “Phinally Done”)

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